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Changing Land Based Casinos Forever
The first blockchain powered land based casino coalition in the world that will change the industry as we know it.
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Join the Mr. Lucky revolution which will change the casino industry forever.
Earn together with MLT through a uniquely engineered membership system
Solve the gambling industry problems through transparent processes at land based casinos

Mr. Lucky Token

Why MLT will be the solution for the Gambling Industry?

Mr. Lucky Token is going to change the Land Based Casino Industry FOREVER. MLT for short is a token that will be key towards a carefully engineered MLT Membership system that will sync all casinos within the Mr. Lucky Coalition of Land Based Casinos that will solve the problems of the gambling industry. This is not a saying but is the structure in why the MLT Membership System was created in order to bring transparent gaming and a way for players to earn while engaging in Gambling. The MLT membership system unlocks the “Casino Profit Sharing Program” for players in which they would be able to earn from the net profit from all the casinos of Mr .Lucky’s coalition. In short, the more land based casinos that are setup in the coalition of Mr. Lucky, the more everyone earns in a transparent and fair gaming environment.

Mr. Lucky’s coalition of casinos will begin from Cambodia, followed by the setup of the next casino in Macau, Las Vegas, US Atlantic and other casino focused countries. All these casinos will be legally operational and abide by our values of transparency and fair gaming.

Transparent Gambling
Zero Chances of Scam
Sharing Casino Profit Program
Junket & Referral Earnings
Employee & Staff casino profit sharing
Increase in secondary income as coalition casinos grows
How the Vision to Change the Land Based Casino Industry conceptualized with MLT Token?
Our Tokens
What is Mr. Lucky Token?
Mr. Lucky Token is a token, based on the EOS blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new Mr. Lucky Token Ecosystem.


All game processes, wagers, winnings and earning are transacted through the MLT blockchain that will be visible to public on real time.

No Limit

The MLT Membership System will allow you to earn without any limit. It can be seen as an investment. The more you play, the more you earn.

Problem Gambling

We understand the problems in the Gambling industry in view of the numerous years collectively we have being in the very same industry. MLT would solve all its problem and make gambling fun again.

Rise In Value

The MLT itself is posed to be a game changer in the gambling industry which is unlike any other gambling token. The token is foreseen to rise in value and make investors or holder benefit through its rise as this concept will truly disrupt the industry as we know it.
Mr. Lucky Token
Timeline Discount
$ 0.20
Private Pre-Sale
May 23 – July 31
Purchase Bonus : 40%, 30%, 20%, 5%
22 025 000 Total Supply
$ 0.28
September 1 – September 31
IEO across multiple exchanges
178 571 429 Total Supply
$ 0.25
Private Sales
November 1 – December 31
Discounted Rate from IEO
6 707 400 000 Total Supply
Token Model
Token Name Mr. Lucky Token
Token Symbol MLT
Category Utility
Total Token Supply 21,212,100,000
Token At Launch approx 4,200,000,000
Hard Cap $ 1,500,000,000
Soft Cap $ 50,000,000
Minimum Contribution $ 500
Accepted Cryptocurrencies ETH, BTC
Token For Sale 7,000,000,000

The MLT ICO fund will be utilized in a way that will change the Gambling industry forever. This will be a revolution for the industry and how we know it.

Token Distribution
  • 33% Token Sale
  • 18% Team
  • 5% Early Backers & Advisors
  • 7% Liquidity
  • 15% Mr. Lucky Token Expenses
  • 20% Employees Loyalty Program
  • 2% Node Operator Pool
Token Sales
  • 0.37% Private Pre Sale
  • 2.63% IEO
  • 76% Private Sale - Tier 1
  • 21% Private Sale - Tier 2
Our Strategy and Project Plan
May 2019
Private Pre Sale
June 2019
Private Pre Sale
Development of MLT Token
July 2019
Private Pre Sale
Sept 2019
Oct 2019
YL Token Development
D Token Development
Nov 2019
Private Sale
Dec 2019
Private Sale
Jan 2020
MLT Membership ecosystem
Feb 2020
MLT Membership custom web wallet client
May 2020
MLT Membership mobile app IOS & Android
June 2020
Setup of 4th land-based Casino in Cambodia

August 2020
Private Blockchain Development for D-Token and fully functional Membership ecosystem

Oct 2020
Setup of 5th land-based Casino in Macau
Enhanced Blockchain powered gaming tables
Blockchain based Legal Online Casino
Blockchain based Live Dealer
Blockchain based Slots
Blockchain based Sports Betting
Blockchain based Poker
Blockchain based Fishing Game
Blockchain based e-Games
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Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Jment Lim
A Phing
Chief Executive Officer
June Tan
Chief Finance Officer
Erwin Dickman
Chief Marketing Officer
Ronnie Thon
Chief Project Officer
Bosco Lim
Chief Technology Officer
Kelvin Kalu
Boey Jia Yin
Head of PR
Jimmy Teow
Head of Content
Lee Wan Wei
Head of SEO
Lee Kok Wai
Head of Community Management
Leo Luu
Social Media Manager
Charles Lim
Bounty Campaign Manager
Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
Giacomo Arcaro
ICO Evaluated
Succesfull Projects
Years of Experience
Giovanni Cassagrande
ICO Evaluated
Succesfull Projects
Years of Experience
Eloisa Marchesoni
ICO Evaluated
Succesfull Projects
Years of Experience
Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best
The Transparent Land Based Casino Environment

A Trusted Gambling Establishment in Cambodia in which would support the advances for MLT

8 Years On The Industry

A trusted land based casino in Cambodia for the last 8 years. The are supporters of technology advancements for a better player experience.

The Catalyst of MLT’s Revolution

Mr. Lucky is the 3rd land based casino that is poised to pave the way for the MLT revolution.

MLT Tokens
Frequently Questions

MLT Token is a token that will connect both the Land based casino and online casinos industry with the centralised membership system This token will allow people to bridge the barriers of location at the same time erradicate problem gambling as investment would be used to overcome it.

The MLT Token will be based on the EOS technology for reasons being that EOS is the technology of tomorrow with all the right approaches in the current world.

MLT Token will have its own dedicated wallet. The wallet will also be integrated with the MLT membership system so that D-Token holders may directly exchange the D-Token for the MLT Token.

MLT Token is truly unique in view of the eco-system that it will entail to being a difference in the Gambling industry. It allows users not only a single channel to earn which is from the increase in value but also for investors/gamblers whom earn to its purchase/usage through the MLT membership system which shares the coalition casinos profit.

Transparency – All stakes and transactions will be displayed publicly so that there is not room for any scam.

Problem Gambling – Gambling is an unsolved problem with millions losing all they have. MLT will allow them to continue their passion but gain an investment in the process so that they will always have finance in their hands.

The MLT token will be purchasable from our website directly or through a partner exchange.

  1. Rise in the MLT Value
  2. Share the coalition of casino profits under the MLT Lucky Ecosystem beginning from the 3rd Casino.
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